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How It Works

We find the crush-worthy wines for you each month -- and we explain everything about these wines -- so you can enjoy the wine, and then refer the Crush Collection to other people!


You’re welcome in our world! Everything we do is designed to connect people to crush-worthy wines, but we've gone a step further: We've made it possible for you to earn something for referring these discoveries to others!


Every month, we’re crushin’ on something new, and we can’t wait to share our discoveries with you! We’ve created fun and relevant videos to help you learn and refer the monthly collections with others!


Crushes are always fun and the best ones are never complicated. We've set up our referral program to be flexible and easy -- for you and for the people you refer!

May 2021 Crush Collection

About Us

Meredith Griffin & Lou Zant have a major crush — not on each other, but on all things wine!

We always call it a crush because there are way too many wines in the world to flirt with to narrow it all down to an exclusive kind of love. But our devotion to connecting other people to the vast and colorful world of wine is quite singular, and everything Meredith and Lou do is always centered on finding ways to help people discover, access, and then refer the wines to other people!

Welcome to the start of something major!

Welcome to the crush collection!

The Crush Collection started because of a simple podcast Meredith Griffin & Lou Zant created to help share the stories of some of their favorite winemakers with the masses. But throughout three seasons of the Major Crush Winecast, they discovered that talking about the wines with their fans and followers could be so much better if they could give people access to the wines they’re crushing every month!


The Major Crush Collection is a four-bottle per month wine club featuring the wines that Meredith & Lou are currently crushing on!

Watch this video to discover everything you need to know about how the club works, and how you can join in all the fun!

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